The Allstars to participate in US tournament


In 2014 the Nidaros Allstars went to Colorado for their first US tournament ever, now they are heading over the Atlantic again. In early June 2015 they will do a tour of states and play three games, before flying to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to attend the Beach Brawl tournament.

The goal of the trip is to rise in the WFTDA rankings, where they are currently on spot 154. The Allstars are also looking forward to bringing back knowledge and experiences to the rest of the league. The team is working hard on their skills, strategy and teamwork, with up to four trainings a week in addition to individual workouts.

The players are joined by two referees and one skating officials, as well as two coaches. This brings the total of travellers to 18 people. We kindly ask you to have a look at this video, and consider giving a small (or big!) donation to the ongoing fundraiser. The goal is to cover parts of the travel budget. All contributions are highly appreciated.

The teams that the Allstars are playing on this tour will be announced soon!


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